This system was scientifically engineered for roofs from concept to application. It was created by engineers and chemists who understand that puncture resistance, energy efficiency, and seamless continuity are essential to quality roofing. For many roofing contractors, nothing beats spray foam polyurethane. There are no insulation joints, fasteners, counter flashings, membrane seams — all of which can fail and let moisture in destroying your roofing investment and most of all your building’s valuable contents.

A spray foam, in-place polyurethane roof actually consists of “two roofs” of protection: First, a layer of closed cell seamless monolithic blanket of polyurethane foam insulation (which is the same type of material used in marine applications). Due to its closed cell nature water will not travel laterally or migrate through it. The second layer consists of a durable, yet flexible base coat of roof coating that protects water from ever reaching the polyurethane foam. The third line of defense is a top coat to guarantee water and UV resistance. The final optional layer of the roofing system consists of granules that are embedded in the top coat for additional UV protection and traffic durability.